Sussex Borough Revaluation

The Borough of Sussex, Sussex County
Municipal Revaluation information as of February 2013

The revaluation has been completed for use in tax year 2013. 

Notifications of value have been mailed to all property owners.

Please keep in mind that the tax rate will change as a result of the new assessed value of your property. 

Should you consider that the new value does not accurately reflect the fair market value of your property, you may contact the Assessor’s office or the Sussex County Tax Board to obtain information on the appeal process.

Should you choose to file a County Tax Appeal, this year you will have until May 1, 2013 to file at the Sussex County Board of Taxation.  Petitions for appeal must be received to the Sussex County Board of Taxation, The assessor and the municipal Clerk by May 1st.  Please see the petition for more complete details and read instructions carefully.  The deadline for filing will change after the revaluation year to April 1st for tax year 2014 and forward until the next revaluation.

Municipal Assessor:  Kristy Lockburner, CTA
Number of properties (approximate):
Residential properties: 460
Vacant land properties: 45
Commercial properties: 73
Exempt properties: 78
Farm properties: 4

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Assessor at 973-875-7193 or Certified Valuations, Inc. at  973-361-2701.

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