Wantage Reassessment

Wantage Township, Sussex County
Municipal Revaluation information as of May 2013

The Township of Wantage has successfully petitioned the Sussex County Board of Taxation to perform a reassessment of all real property. Accordingly, the Township has contracted with Certified Valuations, Inc. of Randolph, New Jersey to assist in conducting this program.

The purpose of the reassessment is to assure an equitable distribution of the real property tax levy among all of the Township of Wantage taxpayers as is required by New Jersey State law. The reassessment will be implemented for the tax year 2014.

A representative of Certified Valuations, Inc. will be visiting your property to inspect both the interior and exterior. Each representative will have identification bearing a photograph of the inspector, his or her name, and the signature of an official of the Township. Allow no one to enter your property that does not have this identification. If your property is occupied by others, please be certain that they are advised of these procedures. If no one is in at the time of inspection, the exterior inspection will be completed and a notice will be left providing information to set up an appointment.

Representatives of Certified Valuations, Inc. will be using property data cards while at your property to record information. Please initial the card in order to verify that a complete inspection has been made.

After the reassessment has been completed, you will be notified of the value placed on your property and given instructions indicating how you may make an appointment to review the assessed value with a member of the firm, if you so desire.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation during this reassessment program. If you have any questions, please contact Certified Valuations, Inc. at 973-361-2701, or the Assessor, Kristy Lockburner, at 973-875-7193.